Mindfulness Liverpool specialises in modern mindfulness-based approaches to stress reduction, health and well-being.


Founder and Director of Mindfulness Liverpool Dave Spencer

Mindfulness is an evolving field and here at Mindfulness Liverpool we are continually training, researching and developing our expertise to remain at the cutting edge.

Our work blends traditional practices with modern techniques to create engaging, enjoyable experiences that are accessible to all. The mindfulness-based approaches that we follow are backed by an ever growing body of scientific evidence.

Founder Dave Spencer is accredited by Breathworks CIC and The Mindfulness Association, two of the UK’s leading mindfulness training organisations, and holds a post-graduate diploma in Studies in Mindfulness. He is also a pioneer in the area of mindfulness as a one-to-one therapy, working in higher education and with private clients.

Mindfulness is for everyone

Whether we are addressing a conference of 250 people or working one-to-one, we are always offering personal practices that anybody can incorporate into their life. If you want to know more about mindfulness we invite you to browse our site, use our free resources and get in touch, whatever your circumstances and whatever your budget.




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